What is a Research Network and what do I have access to at Wayne State?

Wayne State University has access to two advanced research networks: Internet2 and Michigan LambdaRail. These networks enable high-speed collaboration and networking throughout the global academic community.


C&IT has also created the Science DMZ to address performance issues encountered during remote experiment controls, data visualization projects or when transferring high volumes of data to subsequent research locations.






  • Enables the development of advanced internet applications and the deployment of leading-edge network services to more than 300 Internet2 universities, organizations and research labs across the country.
  • Necessary scalability for member institutions to efficiently provision resources to address bandwidth-intensive requirements, such as: collaborative applications, distributed research experiments, grid-based data analysis and social networking.


Michigan LambdaRail


  • Gives WSU researchers access to 100 Gbps Ethernet connections between Michigan's three research universities.
  • High-speed connection to national and international research and education network connection points in Chicago, linking to Starlight Networks, which includes the MREN community of CIC universities, ESNet labs, Internet2 (Chicago), CANARIE (Canadian Network of the Advancement of Research, Industry and Education), CERN (Switzerland), SURFnet (Netherlands) and others.


Science DMZ


  • A network architecture designed for high-performance applications, where the science network is separate from the general-purpose network.
  • The use of end-to-end, bump free paths via dedicated systems for deterministic data transfers.
  • Performance measurement and network testing systems to characterize and test the network regularly.
  • Security policies and enforcement mechanisms that are tailored for high performance science environments.


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