School / College / Division Consulting

School / College / Division Consulting

The High-Performance Computing Services team provides consulting services to Schools, Colleges, and Divisions at WSU in the following areas: computing solutions, equipment purchase, grant applications, cloud services and national platforms. For consultation requests, please submit a request using the following form here.


Computing Solutions

We provide hands-on assistance to implement and optimize scientific programming tasks in order to achieve the most efficient workflow for a project. We can advise researchers on the best tools to meet their computational requirements, helping researchers select the optimal solutions to satisfy software and hardware needs of their projects, whether through the Grid, our big data platform, external cloud services, or on a researcher’s personal computer.


Equipment Purchase

We facilitate the purchasing equipment for integration in the Grid. We can help determine optimal specifications, assist with pricing and vendor negotiation, and deploy equipment, all free of charge. More information can be found here


Grant Applications

If you are interested in applying for a grant for computing equipment, we are happy to provide one-on-one consultation services. For information on the Grid and related IT infrastructure that is often requested in grant applications, please visit the link here.


Cloud Services and National Platforms

Along with resources available locally on campus, there are also opportunities for researchers to obtain resources on cloud and national platforms. We aid in utilizing external computing resources through platforms such as XSEDE and the Open Science Grid. For more information about getting started with the Open Science Grid follow our tutorial here. The tutorial for XSEDE will be available soon.