HPC Grid Tutorial: How to Setup WinSCP

Follow these steps to setup WinSCP and connect to the Grid.

Watch the video tutorial here.

Download WinSCP from http://winscp.net

1. Run WinSCP on your desktop.

2. Enter 'grid.wayne.edu' as 'Host name'

3. Enter your WSU AccessID as 'User name' and leave the 'Password' field blank

4. Select 'SFTP' for 'Protocol:' and click 'Save'


5. A window titled 'Save session as' will open automatically, click 'OK'


6. A window titled 'WinSCP Login' will open automatically, click 'Login'


7. A window titled 'Warning' will open automatically, click 'Yes'


Note: This key is changed during upgrades to the Grid, you will be notified when this happens, just re-save the new key.

8. A window titled 'Server Prompt' will open automatically, enter your WSU AcessID password for 'Password:'. Make sure you do not save your password in WinSCP. For employees of Wayne State University you will need to use two-factor authentication to access the Grid and this is not possible with a save password. Also, this is just a measure to keep your account safe. Enter your password when prompted for it and click 'OK'.


9. You are now logged on to the Grid.