HPC Grid Tutorial: How to Run Xming

Follow these steps to run the Xming X Window System on the Grid. 

Watch the video tutorial here.

1. Download Xming: https://sourceforge.net/projects/xming/.
When asked to select components, select the 'Full Installation' and make sure that 'Normal PuTTY Link SSH client' is selected. 

2. Click the box to launch Xming when the installation finishes. 

Otherwise, go to Start and launch Xming from there.

Xming will open in the background even though you do not see a window appear.

3. Open a new PuTTY session and change the configuration settings. In the 'Connection' tab, enter a number other than 0 in the option 'Seconds between keepalives'.

4. Under 'Connection' -> 'SSH' -> 'X11' check the box 'Enable X11 forwarding'.

5. Go to the 'Session' tab and make sure the port is set at 22 and connection type is SSH. Under 'Host Name' type: grid.wayne.edu . In 'Saved Sessions' type 'X11'. Click 'Save' to save this configuration for X11. Click 'Open' to connect.

6. Logon to the Grid. 

7. Submit an interactive job: qsub -I -q wsuq -X

Note: The-X option allows you to use an X Windows session.

8. Open up a program that requires an X window. In this case we'll open xterm. Type: xterm

9. You are now running xterm through Xming.