HPC Grid Tutorial: How to Connect to the Grid Using Bitvise

Follow these steps to setup Bitvise and connect to the Grid.

1. Download Bitvise here and install it on your machine. 

2. Run Bitvise

3. In the 'Login' tab, for 'Host' enter 'grid.wayne.edu'. For 'Username' enter your WSU AccessID. For 'Initial Method' select 'keyboard-interactive'.

4. Click 'Login' at the bottom. Enter your password. Those that require Duo authentication will be prompted to complete their second factor authentication. 

5. You are now logged onto the Grid.

A terminal will open

along with an SFTP window.

6. You can transfer files between your remote and local directories. The local file directory can be changed by selecting the browse folder button and selecting the desired folder. 

The remote directory can be changed by selecting the desired folder listed.

7. Files can be uploaded to the remote directory by selecting the desired files and dragging them to the remote files space.

8. The same can be done to download files to the local directory. Select the desired files and drag and drop them into the local file space.

9. Your user profile can be saved to use in the future. Select 'Save Profile as' 

It is recommended to create a designated folder to save your profile in.

10. You can now load your profile two ways. You can simply click on the saved profile in the folder.

Or you can select 'Load Profile' in Bitvise.

Both options will load your profile and open Bitvise to login.

11. Bitvise can be configured to run X11. Go to the 'Terminal' tab and click 'Enable' under 'X11 Forwarding'