HPC Grid Tutorial: Getting Started with Open Science Grid (OSG)

What is the Open Science Grid?

The Open Science Grid (OSG) provides common service and support for resource providers and scientific institutions using a distributed fabric of high throughput computational services. OSG does not own resources but enables opportunistic usage and sharing of resources to users and resource providers. It is funded through a diverse portfolio of award from the National Science Foundation and the Department of Energy. The OSG is primarily used as a high-throughput grid where scientific problems are solved by breaking them down into a very large number of individual jobs that can run independently. The table below depicts the types of jobs that OSG is ideal for.


How do I get started as an individual user?

1. Go to https://osgconnect.net/.

2. At the top right go to 'Sign In/Sign Up' and click 'Sign up as new user'

3. This will bring you to a tutorial page on how to sign up for OSG Connect. A GlobusID is required to create an account, if needed you will be able to create one in the following steps. If you already have one, there will be an option to log in. Click the link to https://portal.osgconnect.net/SignUp 

Click 'Continue'

4. If you already have a GlobusID click 'Already have a GlobusID? Log In' and continue to step 5. 

If you do not have a GlobusID fill out the form and click 'Create ID'. 

A verification email will be sent to your email and you must verify it before continuing. Once verified, it will bring you to this page. 

Simply click 'Continue'.

5. The next page is regarding permissions.

Click 'Allow' to continue.

6. You will then be brought to this page where you must submit an application to join the osg group. 

Make sure that your username from globusid.org is selected at the top*

Fill out the forms and provide your wayne.edu email and a valid phone number*

Click 'Submit Application'

7. An automated email message that acknowledges the receipt of your application will be sent to you within a few minutes. Within the next business day, you will get a phone call or email from OSG. If you do not, contact the user support team at user-support@opensciencegrid.org. 


How do I get started as a research group?

Please follow the steps above to create an OSG Connect account first. On OSG Connect, individual research groups are organized into projects.

Project membership is managed by the project's PI or their delegate. The OSG Connect team will consult the PI for group membership request approvals. The PI can also be assigned as "Administrator" role of the project group and can invite OSG Connect members to the group directly. Email user-support@opensciencegrid.org if you wish to be made Administrator of your project group*.

For more information on starting or joining a project, click here.

If you wish to join a pre-existing project, email the OSG Connect team at support@osgconnect.net with your name and the project you wish to join. You can also be added to a project by the principal investigator or their delegate if they are administrator of the project group*.

Where can I find resources or documentation on OSG?

OSG has a plethora of documentation on their knowledge base page found here. Here are few helpful support pages: