HPC Grid Tutorial: How to Run a LS-DYNA Job

Follow these steps to run a LS-DYNA job. 

1. Log on to the Grid.

2. From your home directory, copy the supporting tutorial file by typing: cp /wsu/el7/scripts/tutorial/tensile.k .

3. Create the job script. Type: vi jobfile.txt 

Press the I key to edit. The following is the contents of the job script, edit it as necessary: 


#PBS -N tensile

#PBS -l select=1:cpu_type=Intel:ncpus=4

#PBS -j oe

#PBS -m ea

#PBS -M zz9992@wayne.edu

ml ls-dyna

ls-dyna i=tensile.k ncpus=4 > outputfile.txt

Press the Escape key and type :wq and then Enter to save and quit.

4. Submit the job: qsub jobfile.txt

5. The job is submitted. You can check to see the status of the job and what node it is running on by typing: qme 

Once the job runs the output can be found in the output.file.txt.


1. If you receive an error similar to the following:

*** Error 70021 (OTH+21)

Memory is set 83183390 words short

Memory size is 200000000

Increase the memory size by one of the following

where ##### is the number of words requested:

1) On the command line set - memory=#####

2) In the input file define memory with *KEYWORD

i.e., *KEYWORD ##### or *KEYWORD memory=#####

Then ls-dyna needs more memory. Add 83183390 to 200000000, which produces 283183390. Round up to the next highest value which will be 300000000 and use that for your memory value: 

ml ls-dyna i=tensile.k ncpus=4 memory=300000000 > outputfile.txt

Note: This may happen several times a LS-DYNA moves through your setup.

2. If you receive an error with the word Killed then a new job needs to be requested with more memory. To calculate the memory needed in GB for above example go to this site: https://deviceanalytics.com/memcalc/ 

  • Select 64-bit
  • Enter 300000000 in the WORDS section

BYTES provides 2.24 which is 2.24 GB, you should then round up to 3 GB

  • Modify your select statement in your job script to the appropriate amount:

#PBS -l select=1:cpu_type=Intel:ncpus=4:mem=3GB