What is a Domain Name Service Request and how do I make one?

C&IT provides Domain Name Services (DNS) to the Wayne State University campus. DNS allows online resources to be accessed via commonly used names, such as www.wayne.edu.

  • Assignment of static IP addresses
  • Assignment of hostnames
  • Management of domains

Naming guidelines

  • Entries will be placed under the appropriate departmental sub-domain.
  • Top level names (e.g. admissions.wayne.edu) will be assigned only after consultation with C&IT.
  • We reserve the right to refuse to create names that are derogatory, contain offensive language or are misleading.
  • Requests for entries to point to external hosting services must be requested by a Dean, Director or other similar authority and will be reviewed by C&IT.
  • We will not create or host DNS entries outside of the wayne.edu namespace. If you require a .com or other such name you will need to contract with an external hosting service.
  • We will not create DNS reverse entries for host names registered with third parties.
  • Entries for med.wayne.edu, eng.wayne.edu and cs.wayne.edu will be forwarded to the appropriate support persons within those areas.

How to get started

Domain Name Services(DNS) requests are made by submitting a form. For a faster turnaround time on static IP address requests, include the following.

  • As much information about the network that you know: The IP network range if known is best (e.g. 141.217.249.x). Some buildings have multiple networks. If the IP address range is not known, the building and department where the computer will be used must be provided.
  • A full qualified domain name (FQDN): This is made up of multiple parts: the computer name (my-pc), the S/C/D/B (School, College, Division, Building) name (cit) and the root name (wayne.edu). In this example the FQDN is my-pc.cit.wayne.edu.
  • Root domain entries: Like canvas.wayne.edu are reserved for public facing services.

After you submit the form, you will receive an email confirming that your request is in the hostmaster queue. You should also receive emails as progress is made with your request and some automated emails when the request is completed and confirmed. Please send any questions or comments to hostmaster@wayne.edu.

NOTE:DNS queries are not case sensitive; all entries are made lowercase. Hyphens are the only special characters allowed in FQDNs. The normal one business day turnaround time still applies to DNS requests. Contact hostmaster@wayne.edu for help.