FAQs about Remote Desktop (RDP)

Below are frequently-asked questions about using Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) at Wayne State.

Please read this FAQ list carefully to see if you need access to RDP.

What is Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)?

RDP (also known as Remote Desktop or Remote Desktop Connection) lets you use the internet to connect your personally-owned computer to your Windows-based office computer at Wayne State. Then it is just like you were on campus using your office computer, with access to all of the programs and shared files that you use on a daily basis. Learn more


Do I need RDP to work from home?

It depends.

  • RDP is not needed if you are simply accessing Academica, Canvas, Office 365, Echo360, or the library databases.
  • RDP is not needed if you have a laptop managed by the C&IT CCTS team. These laptops are equipped with DirectAccess technology and can access most WSU systems as well as the W:/ drive, without the hassle of an RDP or VPN connection.
  • If your office computer is a Windows desktop AND you need access to your department's shared files, then you need RDP (whether or not it's managed by C&IT DeskTech). Your office desktop is already configured to access your shared files; you just need RDP to connect your personally-owned computer to your office computer.



How can I get RDP?


There are six requirements to meet before you can use RDP:

  1. Your designated IT support team has to configure your office desktop to permit RDP connections.
  2. Your office desktop computer needs to be powered on.
  3. Your personally-owned computer needs to meet security requirements, i.e. running Windows 10 or macOS 10.11+ and getting regular security updates.
  4. Your personally-owned computer needs access to an Internet connection.
  5. You'll need to install both the RDP and GlobalProtect VPN software on your personally-owned computer.
  6. GlobalProtect requires you to install the Duo Two-Factor Authentication app on your smartphone and enable push notifications.

If you are confident that you meet all six requirements, fill out this request form. The appropriate Wayne State IT support team will follow up with you as soon as possible.