How do I change my voicemail passcode?

Follow the steps below to change your voicemail passcode, the code you enter using your phone's keypad to access your voicemail.


Reset your passcode online

Follow the steps at


Reset your passcode from your phone

 1. Dial *86 to access the voicemail system from your phone. (If you are not near your phone, call your office phone number, press * when you hear your greeting, enter your five-digit extension, and press #.)

 2. Enter your passcode and press #.

 3. Press * to access the Comm Pilot Voice Portal.

 4. Press 8 to change your passcode.

 5. Enter your new passcode and press #.

 6. Enter your new passcode again and press #.

 7. You will hear Passcode has been changed successfully.


If this process does not work for you, just fill out this form and we will reset your passcode for you.