What are the requirements for my VoIP online portal password and voicemail passcode?

Wayne State telephone users have two credentials to access two different sets of telephone features. The voicemail passcode is entered via the phone keypad to hear voicemails directly on your desk phone. The web portal password is used to gain access to the web portal where you can change settings like call forwarding and voicemail to email.


Voicemail passcode standards


  • Must be between 5-12 digits long
  • Cannot contain the user's own extension, phone number or its reverse
  • Cannot be a repeating pattern
  • Cannot be the current passcode or its reverse
  • Cannot contain more than three of the same digits repeated, or in an ascending or descending sequence


Web portal password standards


  • Cannot contain the login ID
  • Cannot contain the current password or its reverse
  • Cannot be any of the past six passwords
  • Must contain at least one digit, one upper case alpha, one lower case alpha and one non-alphanumeric character
  • Must be at least six characters long


NOTE: Learn more about the VoIP online portal at kb.wayne.edu/318373. Learn how to reset your VoIP online portal password or passcode at kb.wayne.edu/142336