Two-Factor Authentication

Wayne State University uses two forms of two-factor authentication (2FA) to add a second layer of security to your account. Verifying your identity using a second factor (like your phone or other mobile devices) prevents anyone but you from logging in to your account, even if they know your password. MFA or 2FA is a common practice for adding a second layer of protection to access sensitive systems, applications, and information. Universities and their campus communities are heavily targeted by malicious actors seeking to acquire valuable information and access to sensitive systems.

Microsoft multi-factor authentication

Wayne State is currently implementing multi-factor authentication (MFA) by phases across campus. MFA is used to securely access Wayne State email and other applications included in Office 365 (OneDrive, Teams, etc.). The new tool can be used with the Authenticator mobile app, text messages, or voice calls to verify identity. Protecting university data and access to our secure systems is a team effort, and enabling MFA will further allow us to protect the campus community from phishing emails and other threats.

  • If you are accessing your account on campus via WSU-SECURE or off-campus with the VPN, you will not have to use Authenticator.
  • Unlike DUO, which must be used every time you access a resource in Academica, Authenticator will only prompt you to verify your credentials every 90 days.
  • Learn more about this transition and find the implementation schedule at

Microsoft offers several authentication methods.

Authentication Methods How it works Additional info
Microsoft Authenticator mobile app
  • A push notification is sent to the registered mobile device that you used to install and configure it on.
  • Or you can choose to use the app to generate security codes that can be used to allow access.
Preferred method; User is prompted to take action and click Approve to allow access to the account.
SMS text message A message with a code is sent to your registered mobile device. The code can be entered online to allow access. Texting and data rates apply.
Voice call A phone call with a code is sent to your device. The code can be entered online to allow access. Voice rates apply


Duo two-factor authentication

Wayne State has partnered with Duo Security to offer two-factor authentication to protect sensitive data you access in Academica.

  • Duo is needed to register for classes and to access grades, financial aid awards, tax documents, timesheets, pay stubs, or any other resources including personal information.
  • Duo is not needed to log in to Academica or Canvas.

First-time setup

Using Duo

Additional training