How do I set up my Android device to synchronize to Wayne Connect using Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync?

If you have an Android device running Android 10 or higher, you may configure it to synchronize your Wayne State email, contacts, and calendar using Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync. If you experience difficulties with the method below, try the free Microsoft Outlook app for Android.

Before you begin

  • Make sure your account is configured with multi-factor authentication.
  • Make sure you are in an area with a strong Wi-Fi signal and can stay there for 10-15 minutes. It may take an extended period of time to download the desired data from Wayne Connect. Data may not be immediately accessible from your device.
  • These are the default Android settings. Certain aspects, such as the name of the email application or the settings, may be different on your device. For further assistance, contact the C&IT Help Desk or contact the customer service provider for your device.
  • Your device may prompt you to alter your security settings. You may be prompted to allow the Microsoft/Wayne State server to erase your data, change rules and deactivate email syncing. Wayne State University will never use these permissions without your explicit consent. Learn more at
  • If you are having trouble setting up your account, change your password and try again.

How to Synchronize your Android device with Wayne Connect

Follow the steps below to set up your Android device to synchronize to Wayne Connect using Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync.

1. Open the application Email.

2. Select the setting to add an account.

3. Select the account type: Corporate Sync or Exchange Active Sync.

4. In the Email Address field, enter your full AccessID email address (e.g.,

5. If your device has a Domain/Username field, enter your AccessID in this format: \ If it fails, try the format\ instead. If neither format works, contact the C&IT Help Desk for further assistance.

6. Enter your AccessID password in the Password field.

7. Use secure connection: selected.

8. On the new screen:

  • Enter for the Server field.
  • Leave remaining fields as they are and click Next.

9. Carefully choose the settings you would prefer for your phone, including contact and calendar settings. Be aware that syncing Wayne Connect's calendar and contacts may possibly cause issues with information you already have stored on your device.

10. Visit the Email application to read and send Wayne State email. Use the default Contacts and Calendar applications to edit Wayne State contacts and view your Wayne State calendar events.