How can I set my preferred Wayne State email address?

Every person with Wayne State University email access has the option to use three different email addresses. WSU strongly recommends the use of either the firstname.lastname email address or a custom Email Name.


Emails sent to any of the addresses will arrive in your Wayne Connect inbox. Your emails will be sent from whichever address you have chosen as your preferred address. If you change this, it may take as long as one hour to update within the system.


Your AccessID and firstname.lastname email address are automatically created. Your custom email name is created by you and may be changed at any time. If your AccessID is xy6789, your name is Jonathan Doe and you have chosen _John2000_ as your custom Email Name, you may use any of the following as your email address:




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Learn how to use alternate email names on the C&IT Knowledge Base.


How do I use my firstname.lastname email address?

How do I create and use a custom email name?


Note: Changing your preferred email address may cause issues with your LISTSERV subscriptions. Resolve these issues with these instructions; School of Medicine faculty, staff and students also have email addresses. You will also have these as choices for your preferred email address.