How can I create an HTML-formatted email in Wayne Connect?

Follow the steps below to create an HTML-formatted email in Wayne Connect.


 1. Write and format your message in an HTML format. Use a WYSIWYG tool or your own html. Copy the finished message as it will be displayed (do not copy the source code).

 2. Access the Wayne Connect web interface at

 3. Log in using the AccessID and password for the account sending the email (Usually this is a pre-authorized Group ID Account).

 4. Paste your pre-formatted message into the body.

 5. The HTML email message is now ready to send.


Learn how to use the WSU CMS to create a message to send as a bulk email on the Web Communications blog.


Note: If you are sending a bulk email, send a test of the message to yourself before sending to your list. This will help prevent mistakes or the need to send multiple messages. Please contact the C&IT Help Desk for assistance.