What do I need to know about CCTS folder redirection?

What is folder redirection?

Your files and settings are most likely stored on your computer's local storage. You will be able to access your files through the Windows file system as always, but they will now be stored on our central servers. Your files will only be accessible by you, and they will be more secure, backed up more frequently and will be accessible from any computer.

What folders are redirected?

DeskTech redirects three of your folders and all of the folders and files within them.

  • Documents
  • Desktop
  • Favorites

How does this help me?

  • Your data will be stored on a more reliable, enterprise-class storage system.
  • You will be able to restore multiple versions of your data.
  • Your data is backed up daily.
  • Your data is accessible from any computer on which you are logged in.

Should I know any other details?

  • Due to the fact that all of your files are stored on our servers, you will only have full access to your files when you are connected to the Wayne State network. For your convenience, any files or folders accessed within the past fourteen days should automatically be cached on your computer and available offline. Your files will sync when you reconnect to the network.
  • Some users may save Virtual Machines (VMs) in their Documents folder. These users may experience a problem accessing their VMs and should move them out of the Documents folder to another location.
  • Some rare programs save data directly to the Documents folder. These programs may expect this folder to be stored directly on your computer. These programs need to be reconfigured to the new location. Contact Helpdesk if you need assistance with this process.
  • C&IT users may have scripts that reference a hard link to a file or folder. These scripts will need to be updated. The new location will be file://ad/users/AccessID/Folder.