How do I disable the wireless option on my printer?

Most personal printers feature a wireless printing option. Wireless printers broadcast their own signal and interfere with the Wayne State University wireless network in the residence halls, making it difficult for you and your neighbors to get an uninterrupted Wi-Fi connection. C&IT encourages you to disable your printers wireless option and instead use your printer with a USB cable (available for purchase at the C&IT Help Desk).


Follow the steps below to disable wireless printing on a HP printer.


For most HP models


  1. Go through the menu and click setup.
  2. Click network.
  3. Click wireless radio.
  4. Turn the wireless radio off.


HP Photosmart d110


Some models allow you to press the wireless button on the bottom front of the printer to disable the wireless feature. You may need to hold the button for five seconds to turn it off. If this is not successful, follow the steps below.


  1. Go through the menu and click settings.
  2. Click wireless.
  3. Click wireless settings.
  4. Click disable wireless and then click ok.


HP Laserjet p1102w


Press and hold the wireless button on the left-hand button panel for five seconds to disable.


HP Photosmart c4780


  1. From the panel, choose scan and then scroll to find networking.
  2. Click networking.
  3. Click turn off wireless.


If these steps do not work, shut the printer down and then hold the wireless and cancel buttons together while simultaneously turning the printer back on. Wait for all the lights to flash together and then let the buttons go.


NOTE: For assistance with your printer, please contact the manufacturer. Please contact the C&IT Help Desk for wireless assistance or other questions.