HPC Grid Tutorial: How to Manage Your Files OnDemand

When accessing the Grid OnDemand you will have the ability to manage the files of your home directory. You can upload and download files between your local and remote server. New directories and files can be created, copied and pasted. New and existing files can be edited in the text editor and saved.

Accessing Your Home Directory

1. To access the Grid OnDemand when you are not on Wayne State University's network, you must utilize the WSU VPN. To see how to download and connect to it follow the tutorial here. To logon to the Grid OnDemand, go to: https://ondemand.grid.wayne.edu/

2. A window will prompt you for your login information. 

Enter your AccessID and password and select 'Sign in'.

3. You should now be logged on.

4. From the toolbar at the top select 'Files' and then 'Home Directory'. 

Select 'Files' and then 'Home Directory'. 

5. A new tab will open with your home directory displayed. 

On the left all your directories are displayed and you can navigate between them by clicking on the desired one. 


Uploading Files 

1. In this example, a new directory will be created and files will uploaded to it. First, from the top toolbar select 'New Dir' 

A window will open prompting for the name of the new directory. In this example it is called 'Sample_Directory'. 

Click 'OK'.

2. The new directory will be listed in your Home Directory navigation panel on the left. 

Click on it to navigate to it.

3. From the top toolbar select 'Upload'

This window will pop up 

Click 'Choose Files'.

Select the file(s) you wish to upload. For multiple files press ctrl and click on the multiple files to highlight them all. Click 'Open'.

4. The files will upload. They will now appear in your directory.


Downloading Files

1. To download a file simply select the desired file and click 'Download'. 

The file has been downloaded.


Copy and Pasting Files

A way to move files around your directories is to utilize the Copy and Paste options.

1. Select the desired file you wish to copy. In this example 'HPC.png' is highlighted. 

2. Select 'Copy' from the toolbar

3. Navigate to the desired directory. In this example the directory 'Sample_Directory' is selected.

4. Click 'Paste' from the toolbar

The file 'HPC.png' is pasted into 'Sample_Directory'.


Creating and Editing Files

1. To create a new file, select 'New File' from the top toolbar

2. A window will pop up asking for you to name the new file

Enter a name for the file and click 'OK'

3. The new file will be listed. Click on it to select it. 

4. Select 'Edit' from the toolbar 

5. A new tab will open with the Editor

Begin typing to edit the file

Click 'Save' at the top left when finished to save the file. 

6. The same process can be done to edit any other existing text files.