How do I get started with my VoIP voicemail?

Follow the steps below to set up your VoIP voice mailbox on your office phone. Your 6-digit passcode was emailed to you -- if you did not receive this email or are having difficulty with the passcode that was sent to you, please try the self-service reset process. Or contact the C&IT Help Desk for assistance.


Create a new passcode

  1. Access your voice mailbox:
  • Dial *86 from your VoIP handset.
  • Dial your five-digit extension 7-XXXX from your VoIP handset.
  • Call your 10-digit phone number 313-577-XXXX from any other phone and press * when you reach the voicemail system.
  1. Enter the passcode provided via email using your phone's keypad. Then press the # key.
  2. Enter a new passcode between 5-12 digits followed by the # key.
  3. Reenter new passcode followed by the # key.
  4. You have now set your voicemail passcode.


Record your mailbox name

  1. When prompted, record your name as follows.
  2. Speak first and last name "Mary Brown" (example).
  3. Press the # key.