How do I use the Clearspan Mobile and Clearspan Communicator apps?

The Clearspan Mobile and Clearspan Communicator apps allow you to make and receive calls using your Wayne State phone number.

What is Clearspan Mobile/Communicator?

Clearspan Mobile and Clearspan Communicator are business communication applications that enable users to initiate and receive phone calls, and video calls from your business identity.

Users can also search corporate directories, manage call settings and view your call history.

How much is this service?

Employees can use this option at no charge until December 31, 2020. Afterwards, the cost will be $3/month per device license. For example, if you use both the desktop program and the mobile app, your department phone bill will be charged $6 per month.

A standard VOIP line is required before using Clearspan Mobile/Communicator.

How do I get access to Clearspan Mobile/Communicator?

Complete a request form for a Clearspan app license; our voice services team will follow up with you.

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