STARs upgrade streamlines student support experience

The Wayne State University Student Tracking Advising Retention System (STARS) upgrade project is approximately 64% complete! The project is a collaboration between the Office of the Provost, Academic Affairs, and Computing and Information Technology (C&IT) — and will allow Wayne State to provide student care that is coordinated across university schools, colleges, and departments, (especially academic advising). The initiative aims to rebuild the STARs system and integrate it with other student success tools (or create new tools) to accomplish identified business needs learned from stakeholders.

The upgrade uses technology and other factors to forge a more aligned framework. As student needs change and the support framework evolves, our toolset will be flexible, acting as an integration point for data, to provide student support. Our goal is to make the student experience as efficient and successful as possible while aligning with the Student Journey Model and momentum dashboard in Institutional Research.

This change will help to further foster an environment in which all Warriors may learn and thrive in their college career — and graduate in a timely manner and enjoy the benefits of a college degree throughout their lives. Students will be able to work with advisors and their professors, without receiving conflicting information, while academic staff will be able to provide proactive and individualized, and timely support, all within a single toolset. 

Watch for these upcoming milestones in 2021:

  • C&IT integrated testing
  • End user integrated testing
  • End user training
  • STARs 1.5 launch targeted for June 2021

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