IT Governance

Wayne State University utilizes a basic system of shared technology governance at the executive level.

Given the pervasive presence of technology in learning, discovery, urban engagement and administration, it is essential that stakeholders have appropriate involvement in making key technology decisions.

This system of shared technology governance provides many diverse and valuable perspectives in a methodical approach to decision-making and ultimately results in well-formed institutional-level decisions.

An overview of each governance committee is below. For more information or for a current list of members, email

IT Steering Committee

The Information Technology Steering Committee (ITSC) is the executive-level technology steering committee at Wayne State University. The ITSC makes final recommendations to the President on strategic technology matters. ITSC membership is primarily composed of select members of the President's cabinet, representing both the academic (instruction and research) and the administrative branches of the institution.  Meetings take place on a monthly basis.

  • Rob Thompson, Chief Information Officer and Associate Vice President for Computing and Information Technology (convener)
  • Mark Lawrence Kornbluh, PhD, Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs (chair)

Information Systems Management Committee

The Information Systems Management Committee (ISMC) at Wayne State University has a primary emphasis on enterprise-wide administrative technologies, such as the university's integrated Banner System and associated administrative systems and applications. The ISMC is primarily made up of Associate Vice Presidents and Directors from Wayne State University administrative divisions and departments. Meetings take place on a monthly basis.

Data Governance

Data Governance provides the oversight of data gathered, manipulated and archived by Wayne State University. It is the practice of authority and control over the management of the Institution's data and data assets.

The goal of the Data Governance program is to establish campus-wide standards, policies and practices that enable a holistic understanding of data usage across the University while creating a culture of responsible data use for informed and actionable decision making.

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