Unified Communications Project

C&IT is facilitating the Unified Communications (UC) project, an effort to utilize the existing university enterprise Microsoft license to replace telecommunications contracts and hardware. By expanding our current services to use Microsoft Teams and the Calls feature for telecommunications, we'll be better equipped to support simplified and flexible modern work environments.

  • This project includes the main Wayne State campus and Detroit Medical Center buildings that are a part of the School of Medicine. 
  • This initial phase includes personnel lines and call centers will be reviewed during a later phase.
  • University phone numbers (e.g. 313-577-XXXX) will be retained and migrated to Microsoft Teams utilizing the application Calls feature.
  • Physical phones will remain available for common areas, reception desks, etc.
  • Emergency phones like elevators and blue lights will not be impacted by this project. 


  • Expand the use of existing tools for internal university communications. 
  • Modernize the university communication toolset to better support flexible work.
  • Lower costs by eliminating physical phones where possible and reducing phone rates while maintaining excellent service. 
  • Transition phone service from AT&T to Microsoft Teams, which is part of our existing enterprise Microsoft Office 365 license. 
  • Maintain legal compliance with E911 regulations which require all Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) devices to include location information for emergency responders. 


Except for Phase One or Early Adopters, migration of all WSU phone numbers to Teams will be based on employee building location. Business units with employees in multiple locations may not migrate phone numbers at the same time.

  • Phase One Early Adopters: Select business units
  • Phase Two+ Building Location: Aligns with the standard porting process between AT&T and our new provider, Intrado.
May 2022 Contracts final, UC project launch
Aug.-Sept. 2022 Phase One Early Adopters (500)
Sept.-Dec. 2023

Phases Two-Five Building Location

  • Four phases
  • 1,200 users per phase
  • Building schedule TBD
Mid 2023 Contact center migration


Enhanced 911 service or E911 refers to the ability to route an emergency call to a designated authority, including caller location information. These enhanced emergency calling capabilities automatically transmit pre-programmed addresses when placing an emergency call. This helps first responders locate and assist those who call emergency services even if the caller is unable to speak. 

  • In the event that you call 911 from your Wayne State telephone line via Teams, your current location will be identified at point-of-contact so first responders may find and assist you.
  • Wayne State Police and Campus Safety are notified any time an emergency call is placed on campus. For faster emergency response, call the Wayne State emergency line at 313-577-2222.
  • If working off-campus, use a personal cell phone or home phone when placing an emergency call.

Microsoft Teams and the Calls feature

Microsoft was selected as Wayne State's primary email tool in 2015 and the license includes Teams, the use of which expanded during 2020-2021 for chat, video, and call to support remote learning and working. Microsoft Teams includes the Calls feature, a web telephone built into the application.

  • Work seamlessly across devices to make and receive calls with university phone numbers on computers and mobile devices alike.
  • Manage voicemail easier with new transcripts.
  • Customize quiet hours and/or days.
  • Enjoy uninterrupted work with status recognition that pushes calls to voicemail when presenting or busy.
  • Ignore unwanted calls with spam identification.

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