FAQs about GlobalProtect VPN

The Wayne State GlobalProtect VPN is a limited resource; review this entire FAQ to determine whether you need to use it.

When does someone working from home need to use the VPN?

  • A VPN connection is not needed to access Academica, Canvas, Outlook, or Office 365.
  • A VPN connection is only needed when you are accessing Banner Admin Pages, Cognos, STARS, or your department’s shared files.

My Wayne State Windows laptop is managed by C&IT DeskTech. Do I need to use the GlobalProtect VPN?

  • If you are using a Windows laptop that is managed by C&IT DeskTech, you do not need to use a VPN connection – even when accessing Banner Admin Pages, Cognos, or STARS. DeskTech laptops use DirectAccess, allowing them to connect to Banner, Cognos, STARS, and your shared files on W:/ all without using the VPN.

How do I install the GlobalProtect VPN software ?

I want to use my home computer to connect to my work desktop. Do I need to use the GlobalProtect VPN?

How long can I stay on the VPN?

  • The VPN maintains a connection if you are actively using your home computer. After a period of inactivity, you will automatically be disconnected and will need to reconnect.

Are there known issues with GlobalProtect?

Here are some known issues and how to address them:

  • Duo Mobile not configured properly: Connecting to the GlobalProtect VPN requires push notifications through the Duo Mobile app. If you use Duo with phone call or text message, follow these steps to change to push notifications: https://tech.wayne.edu/kb/security/two-factor-authentication/500211
  • Duo Two-Factor prompting users twice: When connecting to the VPN, you need to accept the Duo Two-Factor approval prompt. Currently, users need to accept this prompt twice. If you do not accept the prompt, you will not be able to connect.