Free Weebly sites blocked on Wayne State networks

In order to create a safe computing environment for our users, we have blocked free Weebly sites from being accessed on Wayne State’s networks until further notice. Free Weebly sites end in (ex. and have been blocked since 2015. 

You will still be able to edit your Weebly site on campus, as well as access the free sites from off-campus networks. If you have purchased your own domain through Weebly, it will not be blocked on campus. 

Similar websites like Wix, Google Sites, and WordPress are not blocked on campus networks. However, should these websites become used in similar phishing attacks, the university will block them. If this happens, we will notify the campus community.

While Weebly is a legitimate website, many people use it for illegitimate purposes, such as creating fake webpages to trick you into providing your account information so they can access your email, OneDrive documents, and spread the fake site to other users to collect more information. This tactic is known as phishing. 

If you believe you have been the victim of a phishing attempt, please contact the C&IT Help Desk immediately at 313 577-4357. For tips on keeping yourself safe on the web, visit

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