Tech updates for fall 2018: Wi-Fi, Canvas and password security

Here's an update of what C&IT is working on for the new 2018 fall semester.


  • C&IT is rolling out a new wireless service across campus. In addition to switching to a new provider, we are also updating existing access points and adding additional hardware in areas with connectivity issues. Learn more about connecting to our Wi-Fi at
  • WSU-SECURE encrypts the data from your computer to the wireless access point and offers the most secure connection for Wayne State students, while WSU-PUBLIC is reserved for guests and visitors. Learn how to connect with your AccessID and password at


Wayne State is switching from Blackboard to Canvas this fall 2018 semester. After Aug. 31, you won’t be able to access Blackboard at all. If you haven't had a class in Canvas yet, log in at and check out our Introduction to Canvas course. Have questions? Faculty can reach out to and students should contact the C&IT Help Desk at 313-577-4357.

Password security

Did you know that you can now create a password that will never expire? The password must include at least 14 characters, one special character, and follow Wayne State’s Strong Password Standard


  • Check out to learn about all of the tech services C&IT provides for students. 
  • The Help Desk is here to assist with your technology questions. Contact us at 313-577-4357, or in the lower level of the student center.
  • Roku Streaming Sticks and other tech accessories are available for purchase at the Help Desk: C&IT Tech Accessories (PDF).
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