Technology, health and wellness in the virtual world

Spending more time virtually connected to the world can affect our health and wellness. Properly managing our exposure to technology can greatly improve our mood, physical health, and productivity—and ensure we’re best prepared to assist our student Warriors as the fall semester approaches.

Mental health and wellness

When the office or classroom comes home with you, it can be difficult to differentiate where the day ends and begins.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, take some time for yourself.

  • Use your Wayne State email calendar to block off a couple hours to yourself every morning or once a week—whatever works with your schedule and that of your team.
  • Don’t forget to give yourself some time off too, if possible. Working and living in the same space does not make us available to our working-world all day—take a vacation day to recharge and get away from technology.

Physical health

Pay attention to your body. Ergonomics are important, and changing the type of chair or table you sit at, or even using a laptop versus a desktop, can affect your posture.

  • If you’re feeling exhaustion in your neck and shoulders, try placing your computer on top of some sturdy books so you’re not constantly looking down.

You may feel stress in your eyes too. Spending more time in front of a screen means more exposure to blue light, which comes from fluorescent lighting and electronics. Blue light affects our melatonin production, which tells us to sleep at night.

  • Limit your screen time and create a no-screen time to turn off your electronics every night.

Tech health

While your health takes priority, it’s also essential to take proper care of your electronics. It may be inviting to clean our phones and laptops with antibacterial cleaning products, but some strong chemicals may damage electronics. Make sure to check user guides or manufacturer websites before using any cleaner on your devices.

Wayne State resources

Wayne State offers many virtual resources to help manage your health and wellness

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