Undergraduate advising and academic staff provide advising support with STARS beginning June 21 

After over 18 months of hard work from employees across Wayne State University, Phase 1 of the STARS 2.0 project launches on June 21, 2021, to replace Advising Works and create an improved user experience for undergraduate students and staff alike.   

Beginning on this day, Wayne State undergraduate advising and academic staff will direct their students to stars.wayne.edu.    

STARS—or the Student Tracking Advising Retention System—is a web application that interacts with a collection of Wayne State databases to enable convenient access to university data at both an individual and aggregate level for advising, retention efforts, curriculum tracking, and program evaluation. The tool allows Wayne State to provide student care that is coordinated across university schools, colleges, and departments, (especially academic advising).    

Phase 1 of the project reimplemented the existing STARS application to include more robust features and allow staff to reduce the number of tools needed to support students.  Phase 1 includes the following deliverables:  

  • Centralized advising comments  
  • DegreeWorks data feed  
  • Staff home page  
  • Student profile  
  • Flexible query tool   
  • File attachments  
  • Campaigns   
  • Progress reports and alerts  
  • Tagging   
  • Reports   
  • WAMS integration  
  • STARS 1.0 integration  
  • Utilizing Advisor matching engine data   
  • Data Cookbook integration    

The next portion of the project focuses on monitoring the system and onboarding current WAMS advising, faculty and graduate-level users.     

The STARS project is a collaboration between the Office of the Provost, Academic Affairs, and Computing and Information Technology. The initiative aims to rebuild and transform the legacy STARs system and integrate it with other student success tools (or create new tools) to accomplish identified business needs learned from stakeholders.    

Learn more about how this change relates to Wayne State students at tech.wayne.edu/news.

Questions or concerns about STARS may be sent to stars@wayne.edu.  

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