Warriors asked to participate in information security awareness training with KnowBe4

The Wayne State University Computing and Information Technology (C&IT) Information Security Office (ISO) has partnered with KnowBe4, a security awareness training provider, to educate the campus community about the security threats that target us.

This training is being conducted with an external software license, and because of that, related messages will be marked as external in your Wayne State inbox. KnowBe4, knowbe4.com, and any related email messages (like the example below from do-not-reply@wayne.edu) are to be trusted.

This training is just one way that the C&IT ISO works to properly secure student, faculty, and staff information. Security is a team effort, and we are all responsible for educating ourselves about the security threats which face us as an educational community. 

Select Warriors will receive an email invitation to the training program. Watch your inbox for a training invite like this one:


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