How do I use Two Factor Authentication without a phone?

The C&IT Help Desk sells the YubiKey 4, a USB authentication key that may be used in lieu of a phone call, text message or pin number to satisfy Two-Factor Authentication.


The authentication key is designed to stay plugged in to a user's computer and provide Two-Factor Authentication access. This option is best served for those who are heavy users of administrative services which require multiple Two- Factor Authentication verifications.


How to use a Yubikey with Banner Self Service prompt


Follow the steps below to use a Yubikey to access Banner.


  1. Plug the Yubikey into a USB port on the computer you are about to log in on. You will now see a green light in the center of the Yubikey.
  2. When Duo Security prompts you to authenticate the login, select Enter a Passcode. (If a default device is setup, click cancel when DUO sends a push to your device.)
  3. Click on the text field Enter a passcode and then press the green light on the Yubikey.
  4. You are now logged in.


How to use a Yubikey with VPN/Pulse Secure


When you access the WSU VPN, you will be prompted to enter a secondary password. Be sure your Yubikey is inserted in the USB port on your computer. When prompted to enter in a secondary password, press the green light on the Yubikey and a password will be entered.


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