Two-Factor Authentication

Wayne State has partnered with Duo Security to offer Two-factor Authentication (2FA) to employees and faculty, which adds a second layer of security to your Wayne State accounts. Two-factor Authentication verifies your identity using a second factor (like your phone or other mobile device) and prevents anyone but you from logging in to your account, even if they know your password.

Two Factor Authentication

  • How do I setup and use Two-Factor Authentication?

    Two-factor authentication adds a second layer of security to your online accounts. Verifying your identity using a second factor (like your phone or other mobile device) prevents someone other than you logging in with your credentials. Two-factor ref...

  • How do I set up Duo Mobile push notifications?

    Connecting to the Wayne State VPN requires users to authenticate their login using the Duo Two-Factor Authentication Mobile app. Using other methods such as text message or phone call confirmation will not work at this time.

  • FAQs about Duo Two-Factor Authentication

    Common questions and answers about using Duo with Wayne State systems.

  • How do I use Two Factor Authentication without a phone?

    The C&IT Help Desk sells the YubiKey 4, a USB authentication key that may be used in lieu of a push notification or pin number to satisfy Two-Factor Authentication. The authentication key is designed to stay plugged in to a user's computer and pr...

  • How do I SSH using Two-Factor Authentication?

    As part of C&IT's continued efforts to protect critical campus resources, two-factor authentication is required for Secure Shell (SSH) logins on our production Linux servers. Two-factor authentication for SSH is operated via the same system as al...

  • How do I manage my Two Factor Authentication in Academica?

    Two Factor Authentication offers a second layer of security when accessing secure services. Two Factor Authentication devices and methods may be managed at any time through Account Management in Academica. In Account Management, you may manage device...