Faster two-factor authentication now available

Are you a frequent user of Banner or tools like VPN, Time Sheets or Benefits and Deductions within Academica? If you regularly use any of the tools that require two-factor authentication for added security, you might be interested in purchasing the YubiKey 4, a USB authentication key. The device stays plugged into your computer and allows for instant two-factor authentication without the need to use your phone.

You are still welcome to use the Duo Mobile smart phone app for no cost, but you may now purchase the YubiKey 4 to gain even faster access to your accounts. Learn more about the YubiKey 4 here.

YubiKey 4 devices are now available for purchase at the C&IT Help Desk for $55 and may be purchased with Wayne State ProCard or other credit cards. Users must visit the C&IT Help Desk in person to verify their identity and enable the device for their account. If you have any questions about two-factor authentication, please contact the C&IT Help Desk at or 313-577-4357.

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