Qualtrics interface update includes new Home page, updated Projects page in Oct. 2021

Qualtrics, the survey software used at Wayne State University, will be updated to include improvements to the Projects page and to add a new Home page on Oct. 6, 2021.

Beginning next month, users will be taken to a new Home page upon login that includes cards containing info related to systems and projects specific to the user. Cards on the Home page will differ per user—for example, users who have access to Workflows and Admin areas will see related cards on their Home page, but such information won’t be included for users without these permissions. These changes will be rolled out to users on a phased schedule throughout the month.

New Projects page

Users will still be able to access the Projects page (the previous landing page) by using the menu on the left—and this page is getting an update too. The redesigned Projects page gives users an easy-to-use table view of all projects making it easier to find, manage, and organize your projects and projects that are shared with you.

New features include:

  • Alignment with file management systems makes folders work like they do in common systems, including root folders and UI breadcrumbs.
  • No more Uncategorized Folder.
  • Easier to scan table view including project type icons, status badges, and compact metadata view.
  • More Importance is placed on Stars so you can easily mark projects and find them in one place—including active surveys.
  • Improved Search with more indexed metadata and new project type and status filters.

This update will be made available to all users at the beginning of October. During the 30-day rollout, users will have the option to revert to the previous version of the Projects page via a banner alert at the top of the page. Changes will become final in November and the option to revert will no longer be available—so take the rollout as an opportunity to familiarize yourself with these changes at your own pace.

Learn more about Qualtrics at Wayne State at tech.wayne.edu/kb/academic-services/qualtrics.

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