STARS 2.0 major project milestone completed

The Wayne State University STARS 2.0 project has reached a major milestone as all phase one user groups are actively using the new student advising system.

  • 712 end-users were trained and onboarded to the system, from both graduate and undergraduate levels, accomplishing our primary goal of one system for all advising.  
  • Approximately 200 student appointments are scheduled per day, and over 22,000 advising appointments have been scheduled and completed since the initial launch in June 2021.  
  • The project has eliminated the need for EAB Advising Works and WAMS Advising.  
  • STARS 2.0 includes nine modules, 22 sections and integrates with Banner, Degree Works, STARS Legacy, and the Operational Data Store (ODS).  

This platform provides a feature set that allows for pro-active, timely, individualized, yet coordinated student care, which produces a more efficient workflow for academic advising and student success support. 

"The new STARS platform is positively transforming how we support our students,” said CIO and Associate Vice President Rob Thompson. “With data that is now real-time from our student system, advisors can swiftly navigate and update critical student information in a single, cohesive, and integrated interface.” 

STARS—or the Student Tracking Advising Retention System—is a web application that interacts with a collection of Wayne State databases to enable convenient access to university data at both an individual and aggregate level for advising, retention efforts, curriculum tracking, and program evaluation. The tool allows Wayne State to provide student care that is coordinated across university schools, colleges, and departments, (especially academic advising).  

The STARS 2.0 project is a collaboration between the Office of the Provost, Academic Affairs, and Computing and Information Technology. The initiative aims to rebuild and transform the legacy STARS system and integrate it with other student success tools (or create new tools) to accomplish identified business needs learned from stakeholders.      

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