• Warriors asked to participate in information security awareness training with KnowBe4
    The Wayne State University Computing and Information Technology (C&IT) Information Security Office (ISO) has partnered with KnowBe4, a security awareness training provider, to educate the campus community about the security threats that target us.
  • Wayne State Information Security Office wants to test your scam email knowledge
    As the Wayne State community continues to learn and work online, virtual security threats such as scam and phishing emails remain a concern for all large businesses, corporations, and organizations that own sensitive data, including educational institutions like Wayne State University. Computing and Information Technology (C&IT) places a high priority on the security of student, faculty, and staff data, and has focused its efforts on information security training for employees.
  • WarriorIT project welcomes information technology employees, seeks to strengthen Wayne State IT systems, services and support
    Wayne State Computing and Information Technology (C&IT) has begun welcoming campus IT professionals to the organization as a part of the WarriorIT consolidation project. This change in IT employee reporting and structure was announced earlier this year in an email from President M. Roy Wilson.
  • Webinar series answers your questions about virtual work technology and security
    Wayne State University’s Computing & Information Technology (C&IT) department is partnering with Organization and Employee Development to offer interactive webinars about technology and working in a virtual environment. The hourlong webinars will be held on Tuesday, Oct. 13, Wednesday, Oct. 21, and Tuesday, Oct. 27.
  • Wayne State University, Merit Network partner for Michigan Moonshot broadband planning and expansion efforts
    Wayne State University has joined the Michigan Moonshot, a statewide call to action started by the nonprofit research and education organization Merit Network. Broadband internet is essential in modern society, but according to nationally available data, Michigan has at least 380,000 households without broadband access, which equates to 27% of households with school-age children.
  • Online Toolkits provide faculty, academic staff with webcams and headsets for fall
    In an effort to best support employees who work directly with our student population, the Office for Teaching and Learning (OTL) and Computing & Information Technology (C&IT) have partnered to provide Online Toolkits.
  • C&IT pilots building check-in process for COVID-19 daily screening
    Wayne State University Computing & Information Technology (C&IT) is piloting a program to potentially trace COID-19 cases on campus. The process includes filling out an online survey and then using a QR code received in an approval email to scan on an iPad to enter buildings. The process is contact-free.
  • Technology, health and wellness in the virtual world
    Properly managing our exposure to technology can greatly improve our mood, physical health, and productivity—and ensure we’re best prepared to assist our student Warriors as the fall semester approaches.
  • STARS tool update seeks to improve student experience with advising, faculty and staff 
    Computing & Information Technology (C&IT) is collaborating with Academic Affairs within the Office of the Provost to re-implement the Student Tracking Advising Retention System, or STARS, a web application that interacts with a collection of Wayne State University databases.
  • New Knowledge on Demand platform transforms online programs, experiences
    Wayne State University will soon launch a platform to transform its online programming. Coming July 1, 2020, Knowledge on Demand will provide a digital destination that has been designed to support all members of the Wayne State community.
  • Zoom video tool comes to Wayne State June 29
    Wayne State has acquired a license for the popular Zoom video communication service, and Computing & Information Technology (C&IT) is making final preparations to begin distribution of accounts.  
  • How Wayne State’s investment in technology better prepared the university for online learning 
    Thanks to a strong priority placed on technology and recent investments in new tools and infrastructure, Wayne State University was better prepared for the transition to online learning and work-from-home operations than most.
  • Soon-to-be-launched Warrior Road app promotes student success
    This fall, Wayne State University will launch a free digital application to drive student success. The Warrior Road app is an engaging tool that will help students thrive at Wayne State and beyond.
  • Wayne State adding Zoom accounts to student, faculty, staff resources
    C&IT is pleased to announce that Wayne State has acquired a license for the Zoom video conferencing service. Accounts will be rolled out to campus in phases. Individuals will be notified when their account is ready to use.
  • 3D augmented reality app helps pharmacy students study protein, drug reactions
    With lead from the Office of the Provost, Computing & Information Technology (C&IT) has partnered with Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Professor, Steven Firestine, and Mike Ilitch School of Business alumnus, Mahmoud Mattan, co-founder and CEO of BrandXR, to create a smartphone app that displays three-dimensional (3D) models of protein-drug complexes.
  • Protect your meetings from Zoombombing
    With the increase in web-based meetings, we've also seen an increase in Zoombombing — when people purposely disrupt an open Zoom meeting by using the screen sharing function to display disturbing or inappropriate images.
  • Do you have good online meeting etiquette?
    Just like in-person communication, remote and virtual interactions have their own social norms and expectations. This includes tools like Zoom or Microsoft Teams. With distractions like family, pets, and technical difficulties, it can be even harder to stay on task. That's why Computing & Information Technology has compiled these tips to help you stay distraction-free and efficient in your video calls and conferences.
  • Parking Lot 50 open for safe Wi-Fi use
    Students and employees are welcome to connect to the WSU-SECURE Wi-Fi network from their vehicles in Parking Lot 50 (outside Matthaei) until the university re-opens. 
  • Fraudulent email warning: Bitcoin sextortion
    You may have recently been the recipient of a fraudulent email that claimed to have photos of you and requested money in the form of Bitcoins. These emails, also known as phishing emails, or in this specific case sextortion scams, are very effective because the sender takes extra time to create a message specific to you in an effort to trick or confuse you into providing your personal information.
  • Help keep Wayne State data safe from your home
    Wayne State University Computing & Information Technology (C&IT) is proud to offer students, faculty and staff the services they need to accomplish their goals off-campus — but if done incorrectly, accessing university data from a home connection leaves all of us vulnerable to attack.
  • C&IT, OTL empower faculty to add classes to Microsoft Teams
    Wayne State University faculty members can now add their class roster(s) to Microsoft Teams with the click of a single button inside Canvas. 
  • Internet service providers, cellular carriers offer free and discounted services
    An agreement with the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) has prompted internet service providers and cell carriers to offer free or discounted services. 
  • C&IT changes VPN licensing to meet off campus work demand
    To support the increasing demand on our virtual private network (VPN), C&IT is adding PaloAlto GlobalProtect to our current VPN, Pulse Secure.
  • C&IT, Office for Teaching & Learning launch Teach Anywhere initiative
    The Teach Anywhere Team is a collaboration between the OTL and C&IT with additional support from the Libraries. Our shared goal is to support faculty in making decisions and taking action to transition their courses to online or remote formats as smoothly as possible.
  • Access Wayne State technology off campus
    Wayne State University C&IT provides students, faculty and staff with the technology systems, services and tools they need to succeed. The web pages below outline how these resources may be accessed outside of Wayne State's networks. More web pages will be added as needed.