Manoogian - Room 0091

Room Type Lecture Hall
Floor Type Stadium seating with ramps
Seating Capacity 149
Light Controls Door & instructor right
Student Writing Surface Tabletop
White/Blackboards 1 Chalkboard, 1 Whiteboard

Technology information

AV System Digital Classroom Podium
Internet Wired & wireless
Display(s) Projector
Built-in Room PC Yes
Laptop Cables HDMI
Document Camera Yes
Mic, Inputs/Outputs wireless lavalier microphone for amplification
Echo360 recording microphone
Wireless Presentation No
Student Collaborative Learning Stations n/a
Synchronous Capability Echo360 LiveStream (one-way feed with student chat)
Echo360 Audio
Screen capture for room PC only

Manoogian Hall

906 W. Warren
Detroit, MI. 48201