Stay Warrior Secure

C&IT is committed to keeping the Wayne State community safe online. Read our tips for keeping yourself #WarriorSecure:


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Own It

  • The more privacy options you use on social media, the harder it is for scammers to use your information against you. 
  • If a scammer knows you go to Starbucks because you tag your location on social media, they know they can target you with a fake Starbucks email.
  • If you don't know somebody personally, don't add them to your social networks.

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Secure It

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Protect It

  • Always lock your devices and take them with you — even if it's just for a quick trip to get snacks.
  • System updates don't just bring new features, they also bring security patches that make it harder for scammers to exploit any weaknesses on your device. 
  • Cookies aren't just of the chocolate chip variety — websites use cookies, or data of your browsing habits, to track you.


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