Campus and Classroom Technology Services

The Campus and Classroom Technology Services (CCTS) team provides IT support for administrators, school and college classrooms, and general purpose classrooms (including special events).

The team has support staff across campus to provide personal and customized support to Wayne State schools, colleges, and departments. CCTS manages and supports all Wayne State University-owned computers in all academic and administrative units, including the daily basics of computer maintenance, off-site software updates, additional protection against viruses and malware, and even the supply of new computers every four years as a part of their refresh program.

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  • Desktop, server, classroom, and research support personnel

    We pride ourselves in having local and centralized IT resources to strengthen services critical to the success of teaching excellence, including desktop, server and application, classroom, and research support. Our IT support personnel are located locally in all schools, colleges, and departments to provide daily operational support to faculty, staff, and students campuswide. Getting support is as easy as:  

    • Call or email the C&IT Help Desk and knowledgeable staff will work to resolve your issue on first contact or will create a ticket for your local IT support person to contact you directly. 
    • Available Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m.-8 p.m. 
    • 313-577-4357 
    • Visit to submit a direct request and create an ITSM ticket. Tickets are categorized by problem severity and impact, and your local IT support is notified immediately and via multiple direct channels of communication. 
    • Search the C&IT Knowledge Base for existing documentation, how-to's and step-by-step instructions. 
    A customer satisfaction dashboard has been created to offer project and service transparency. Review a history of C&IT's satisfaction results by date and department at
  • Desktop management program

    The following table describes how computers are managed once migrated into C&IT's well-managed program, including how they are centrally managed, security features that C&IT offers, and additional services related to the desktop. 

    Customer-focused services and initiatives 

    Help Desk services (tier-one support to all students, faculty and staff for all enterprise IT systems and services): 

    • Currently offering walk-in (by appointment), call-in, chat, email, and remote assistance support. The Help Desk also provides personally owned computer repairs and network configurations. 

    • Classroom and audio-visual support: 

    • Proactive lab usage and availability monitoring; multiple security settings for computer labs and computer kiosks. 

    • Local tier-two supports all enterprise as well as school, college and unit applications and computer-based issues (typically one technician per 300 computers). 

    Research support: 

    •  Special hardware consultation, advanced security for research data, technical documentation for grant application and grant support. 

    • Ticketing system for submitting incidents and service management issues through a simple web form (ITSM). 

    • Machine-based authentication:  

    • Computers authenticate wireless hardware based on their credentials, allowing for a faster and seamless connection to the wireless network. 


    • A VPN-like service, DirectAccess tunnels clients directly to Wayne State resources such as W:Drive, and Active Directory from anywhere with an internet connection. Using DirectAccess allows Wayne State the same tunnel to push patches and remotely assist clients. 

    User and computer account management services 

    Account creation and password resets. 

    Uses Identity Management to automatically create, provision and deprovision AccessID accounts. Active Directory spans local and remote sites for high availability, and C&IT-provided naming conventions. 

    DeskTech manages all AD objects and resource access. Custom group policy-based configuration management on objects for unit-specific needs (like research and computer labs). 

    Security configuration services 

    Security consulting and analysis:  

    • Security evaluation and consultation of departmental server hardware, operating systems, server applications and/or data, and client inventory and security. The analysis report includes areas of concern and means to remediate. 

    • Deployment of monthly security patches:  

    • Alpha and beta test deployments are deployed the week of patch Tuesday. Mandatory deployments are deployed on the second Friday after the second Tuesday of each month. Antivirus using CrowdStrike/Windows Defender. 

    Folder redirection:  

    • Redirects an unlimited amount, including desktop, documents, favorites, music, pictures, videos, etc. 


    • Application-allow list prevents the execution of rogue applications being installed and run. 


    • Disk encryption for TPM-enabled equipment prevents Wayne State from having to report a breach in the event of hardware loss or theft, and locks hardware with an encrypted key to keep data from being attainable. Regularly scheduled operating system security and feature updates for supported operating systems. 

    Windows Firewall with advanced security and IPSec: 

    •  Enabled local firewall protects from unwanted inbound communication to the local computer. 

    Screen lock timeout:  

    • Computers are set to a 20-minute idle screen lock timeout. 

    User account control:  

    • Enabled to prevent rogue execution of setting changes. 

    Convenience-based configuration services 

    Printer mapping:  

    • Printers are mapped by location and usage types using security groups. 

    Unlimited departmental drive mapping:  

    • Convenient access to your departmental data through easy-to-use mapping and folder structure. 

    User Experience Virtualization (UE-V):  

    • Templates that redirect and store specific application settings per user. By redirecting UE-V, it allows for a more seamless computer refresh for the user. 

    Inventory management services 

    Administrative and DeskTech customers - four-year computer subscription program: 

    •  For $395 per computer per year, receive a new computer every four years, including monitor, software, maintenance, and support. 

    • Includes trickle-down support computers for school or college also at no additional cost. 

    Academic units:  

    • Please see eligibility below. 

    • Assets are managed in the C&IT CMDB Workspace of Cherwell. 

    • Automatic asset tracking, financial forecasting and financial reports are available, grouped by each home organization. 

    Application services 

    Operating system delivery with custom SCCM deployment system:  

    • Ability to deploy Wayne State standard image using task sequence boot media. 

    • Automated deployment of predefined applications:  

    The current standard image includes: 

    • All Microsoft campus software, including O365, Visio and Project, 

    • all enterprise system configurations 

    • Chrome, Adobe Reader, Net Framework 3.5, Java Runtime Environment (Banner), Global Protect (VPN). 

    • Ability to remotely assist managed clients with prior approval. 

    Print services:  

    • Centralized print queues for convenient security and driver control. 

    Apple mobile device management with Jamf Pro: 

    • Manage Apple inventory with the strongest MDM on the market, configuration profiles, macOS deployment, inventory, and computer backups using Code42. 

    Chromebook management with Google's G-Suite for education: 

    • Client/kiosk configurations, application management, and inventory. 

    Research hardware managing services 

    Where possible, C&IT will set up a consulting session and create test machines to see if they can balance the need for secure computing with extremely specific software applications. When older research software cannot run on newer operating systems, C&IT will isolate that computer from the network so that it is not a security risk, but so that you can continue to collect data. Typically, this is on a case-by-case basis and in the past, C&IT has been extraordinarily successful in finding individual solutions. 

  • Employee computer refresh program

    Wayne State University maintains a strategic partnership with Dell Inc. and Apple to provide quality computing equipment to university employees. Standard configurations are updated regularly to ensure compatibility with technology demands in Higher Education. 

    Most Wayne State assigned computers are on a 4-year refresh cycle. Inventory is reviewed annually with BAOs and department chairs to make sure employees are getting the technology to meet their needs. C&IT typically bases the computer refresh on the specifications of the current computer but will consult with anyone that has specific requirements. Apple computers are on a 5-year refresh cycle because these products tend to cost more and last longer. 

    The following employee classes in academic units are eligible for a computer refresh in accordance with the refresh cycles listed above:

    • 12 Month Academic Administrator
    • 12 Month Academic Staff
    • 12 Month Chair/Academic Director
    • 12 Month Represented Faculty
    • 12 Month Academic Staff-Non-Exempt
    • 517-M 
    • 9 Month Academic Administrator 
    • 9 Month Academic Staff 
    • 9 Month Chair/Academic Director 
    • 9 Month Represented Faculty 
    • 9M Deferred-Academic Staff 
    • 9M Deferred-Faculty 
    • Executive 
    • Management 
    • Management - Non-Exempt 
    • Non-rep Clerical 
    • Non-rep Professional Exempt 
    • Non-rep Professional-Non-exempt 
    • Operating Engineer 
    • P&A Exempt 
    • P&A Non-exempt 
    • Public Safety 
    • Staff Association 
  • Computer administrative rights

    Typically, administrative rights on a computer are not needed to run and install applications, however, when appropriate, we may grant access per Administrative Rights Policy [PDF] and completion of the Administrative Rights Access Form [PDF]

    The delegation of administrative rights is based on whether C&IT can support the special case; If we can efficiently support it and there is security need for administrative rights. In the case we cannot (development, research, etc.), administrative access will be granted to the requester assuming their agreement with the policy and approval from their management. 

    We will not grant administrative rights to shared machines because of the security risk that it poses to many user profiles. 

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