• IT survey reports 83 percent satisfaction rating among WSU community
    Computing & Information Technology is pleased to report that the 2017 IT Services Survey shows 83 percent of respondents had a favorable overall satisfaction rating for IT services at Wayne State University.
  • C&IT awards 2017 scholarship to Michanda Gant
    Congratulations Michanda! Learn more about the annual C&IT Scholarship at
  • Protect yourself against identity theft
    Identity theft is a very real threat and it may take years to recover if you ever find yourself a victim of fraud. In fact, it is one of the most common and costly crimes in the country.
  • Create and maintain secure passwords
    It can be hard to keep track of all the passwords you're required to have today. School, work, banking, plus a handful of social media accounts – every corner of our life requires credentials that not only must be secure, but must be easy to remember.
  • Practice safe browsing habits every day
    We spend most of our daily lives online, but none of the browsers, apps or devices we use are 100 percent secure. That’s why it’s important to practice safe browsing habits every day.
  • Guard your privacy when offline or traveling
    Planning a vacation during the summer months? You may be more vulnerable when traveling, because a break from a regular routine or encounters with unfamiliar situations often result in less cautious behavior.
  • Do your part to prevent mobile device theft
    Your laptop and smartphone are filled with personal data such as photos, banking information and passwords. If these devices fall into the wrong hands, the results can be more damaging than you think.