Microsoft Teams added to Canvas for easier instructor and student collaboration

The communication platform Microsoft Teams is now integrated with Wayne State University’s learning management tool Canvas.  

All Wayne State students, faculty, and staff with an active AccessID already had access Teams via their Microsoft license. Now instructors are able to create a team directly in Canvas using the instructions at Once the simple setup process is complete, all course members will automatically have access to the Teams site.

Students should refer to their teacher for expectations regarding engaging with the class on Teams. 

“Teams will allow our instructors to create collaborative workspaces for our students that go beyond what is available in Canvas alone,” said C&IT Associate Director of Academic Applications Nathan Chavez. “I’m excited to see how our instructors implement the tool in their courses.” 

While Teams supports video calls and meetings like Zoom, the tool boasts a broader collaboration with file sharing, team channels, chat, calendaring, and much more. Numerous applications can be used within Teams to utilize polling, YouTube, tasks, and planners, and Microsoft Office applications like Excel, Forms, and more.  

Teams has been utilized in the classroom to: 

  • Create a shared space for group work 
  • Share answers to frequently asked questions 
  • Post lecture notes in real-time 
  • Create and share student journals 

Instructors are encouraged to review the following resources for tools and features included in Teams that may be valuable to teaching: 

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