Qualtrics update includes faster upload and new offline features

New feature updates are available in Qualtrics Research Core, Wayne State's licensed online surveying tool. 

Faster upload

Qualtrics Research Core has been updated with a new importer that is 10 times faster. Now users may import UTF16-encoded files, download mapping files for use in future imports to the same survey, and import choice or recode values.

Offline enhancements

The Qualtrics Offline App now allows users to download survey respondent contact lists. That means users may now use the contact list to pull information about a respondent, update the survey they are currently taking with that information, and track which respondents they have already surveyed all while working offline.

Learn about Qualtrics updates as they happen at qualtrics.com/product-updates. As usual, access to these features is subject to restrictions and depends on user account type


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