Qualtrics update includes offline use and API access

The recent Qualtrics license upgrade includes new features to make surveying even easier. Wayne State University Qualtrics users may now utilize the Qualtrics Offline App to gather information without internet access, and the Qualtrics Application Programming Interface (API) to automate processes.

The Qualtrics Offline App can be used to gather survey results on a mobile device (smartphone, tablet, etc.) while on location and without internet access. When you use the offline app, information is collected on your device and then is later uploaded to Qualtrics when you reconnect to the internet. Learn more at tech.wayne.edu/kb/academic-services/qualtrics/282427.

The Qualtrics API allows you to automate repetitive processes within the application. API can be used to automate accounts and contact lists, and to move information in and out of Qualtrics. Learn more at tech.wayne.edu/kb/academic-services/qualtrics/282432.

As usual, access to these features is subject to restrictions and depends on user account type



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