IT Training Workshops and Consultation

Together with our Enterprise Applications team, C&IT Training offers workshops that can be tailored to a school, college, or departments' specific needs. These workshops are designed to help Wayne State employees identify and utilize enterprise IT systems and services that can be used to improve their business processes or fulfill new business needs. 

These advanced training options are designed to help users identify the proper tool to implement with a project. Workshops begin with a consultation where the customer provides details about their needs, and C&IT recommends the best tool to create a solution. Users can expect to take away the knowledge needed to create a new business process that their team can own and manage. 

System/Service Description Resources
Microsoft Forms/Power Automate  Microsoft Forms is an online survey creator and part of the WSU enterprise Microsoft 365 license.  
Microsoft Power Automate (previously Flow) is a platform that allows automation or reoccurring tasks. 
Dynamic Forms 

Make real-time changes to your forms based on user input, save customers' progress so they can finish later, on any device, and pre-populate data to reduce errors.  

Better experience and better data. Digital forms are a great step toward your paperless office, but don't let digital progress frustrate your customers. 

Coming soon!
Qualtrics  Qualtrics is a robust online survey tool used primarily for research. 
Dropbox Sign   A secure tool used for storing and signing documents or PDFs.  
Banner Page Builder/Workflow    Coming soon!
Cherwell Service Management Cherwell is a service desk software used to track workflow, customer reporting, and track inventory.  Coming soon!