C&IT Campus Warriors

C&IT team members believe that Wayne State University is more than just a job. We understand that working at Wayne State means being part of a vibrant educational community. Many C&IT employees volunteer in the community in their own ways and we are proud to support all of those initiatives, but we truly come together to contribute to Wayne State's campus events. This was the inspiration for the C&IT Campus Warrior program.

The entire department is encouraged to devote a week each year to volunteering for campus events. That means the next time you drop by a student recruitment event or enjoy a festival on campus, your tech support team might be the volunteers assisting with the event. C&IT has always been an important player behind the scenes from the day a student learns about Wayne State through the last class and beyond, but now we have the opportunity to get out on the front lines and see the students of Wayne State succeeding. So from the Baroudeur bike race before the semester starts, until the late-night breakfast before finals, keep an eye out for C&IT staff at the next campus event.