Telephone forms


Telephone Service Requests

Service Requests for both voice (telephone) and data (network access) are submitted using a Telephone Service Request (TSR) Form. The following requests require approval from a dean or division head. Follow the instructions below to request these services. Requests are processed on a first come, first served basis and are typically resolved within five business days.

Complete the appropriate form above, select Continue, then print the TSR form from the resulting web page. For these services to be processed, you must:

  1. Obtain the Dean/Division head signature.
  2. Scan the signed form and email it as a PDF attachment to School of Medicine forms must be signed and emailed to for approval before sending to C&IT.

*The majority of Wayne State telephone customers have been transitioned to VoIP, but select buildings remain on the previous Centrex system. If you are adding a service and require new equipment, please note which equipment you need in the comment section of the form. Choices include: 6863i Basic Instrument and 6867i Enhanced Instrument. See a list of all service equipment choices here. PLEASE NOTE: If you terminate the account number (index) associated with your account without first contacting C&IT, you may experience an interruption in service.