Computer and Device Repairs

The C&IT Help Desk offers walk-in computer diagnostic and repair services exclusively to Wayne State University students, faculty and staff for personal, non-University owned computers. WSU departments that have University-owned computers in need of service should contact their local technical support staff.

Drop in anytime during business hours for a free consultation or call ahead to get an estimate of how long your repair may take. Many problems can be resolved for free while you wait.

The C&IT Help Desk will provide front counter computing diagnostics and repair at no charge (approx. 20 minutes max). This includes virus removal and connection to WSU networks. If your problem cannot be resolved at the front counter, you may choose any of our paid services. Turnaround time for paid services is typically three to five business days.








Security Tune-up (OS reinstallation)






Hardware upgrades and installation (memory, modem, network card, hard drives, etc.)



$20.00 each



Data Backup



Starting at $30.00



Software installation



Starting at $10.00


For a full list of prices please consult the C&IT Help Desk Repairs Price List. The C&IT Help Desk accepts major credit cards, money orders and OneCard. Wayne State employees can pay by check.

The C&IT Help Desk offers support for:

  • Windows: Dual Core Intel or equivalent, 2GB RAM, Windows Vista SP2 or later
  • Apple: Intel Core Duo, 1 GB RAM, Mac OS X 10.5.x


C&IT Help Desk Repairs Terms of Service