HyFlex Technology

The C&IT Campus and Classroom Technology Support team offers select HyFlex options to support flexible learning and working environments. This technology and the environments it creates both foster collaborations between students, faculty, and staff working together from different locations and with different abilities. 

Owl cameras 

C&IT, in partnership with the Office for Teaching and Learning (OTL), has acquired a small number of Owl cameras for use in classes and meetings.  

To request a device, fill out the Owl Hyflex Camera Request Form. Once submitted, a consultation to review the terms of use will be scheduled with the OTL. Please note: Owl cameras are not ideal for all situations; consultations are designed to find the best solution for each situation and whether an Owl camera is a good fit. 

HyFlex rooms 

Beginning in the winter 2023 semester, select rooms across campus will be fitted with new technology to support HyFlex learning and working. This includes: 

  • Auto tracking cameras 
  • Dual confidence monitors 
  • Fixed cameras 
  • Wireless microphones 

Upgrade Type 

Proposed Items 


Auditoriums (4 rooms) 

  • Dual confidence monitors 
  • Fixed camera 
  • Deroy Auditorium:  46, 146  
  • General Lectures: 100, 150  

Lecture halls (7 rooms) 

  • Auto tracking camera 
  • Dual confidence monitors 
  • Manoogian Hall: 91  
  • Science Hall: 1109, 1117, 1125, 2009, 2025  
  • Shapero Hall: 100 

Mobile carts (5 rooms) 

  • Dual 60" monitors 
  • Fixed camera 
  • Microphone 
  • Locations TBD 

Old Main (17 rooms) 

  • Dual confidence monitors 
  • Fixed camera 
  • Wireless microphone 
  • 1107, 1111, 1114, 1115, 1119,
    1129, 1133, 1134, 1137, 1151,
    1162, 1163, 1165, 1168, 1171,
    1172, 1305 

HyFlex Teaching Circle 

The OTL also offers multiple teaching circles to cultivate engagement and collaboration related to teaching and learning, including a HyFlex Teaching Circle. The HyFlex teaching circle is a place where you can ask questions concerning HyFlex pedagogy and technology and receive answers from colleagues, the OTL, and classroom support. Optional monthly meetings are also available. Learn more at otl.wayne.edu/teaching/learning.