Remote Staff Technology

The following guidelines are designed to support remote technology for Wayne State staff.

  • To request support with physical campus technology, please use the forms at or contact your local IT support personnel
  • Follow the online meeting etiquettes guidelines
  • If you are using personal devices to access Wayne State technology systems and services, please makes sure your operating system is up to date


Computers and internet

  • University-Owned Laptops

    Wayne State C&IT recommends using provided machines for all university-related business.

  • Internet

    Your secure home internet connection is strongly preferred. If you must use a public Wi-Fi network (e.g.  public library or coffee shop), be sure to use the Wayne State VPN.

  • Wayne State VPN

    This program is only required when using your personally-owned computer to access STARS, Banner, or Cognos from an off-campus Internet connection. You'll also need Duo Two-Factor Authentication app (see below). 

    • Access to Academica, Canvas, and Office 365 does norequire a VPN connection.
    • The VPN is a limited resource; use it only when you need to, and disconnect when you are done.
    • View setup instructions at
    • A VPN connection will not be needed if your university-owned laptop is managed by C&IT DeskTech.
  • Two-Factor Authentication

    Wayne State University uses two-factor authentication (2FA) to add a second layer of security to students, faculty, and staff accounts

  • Remote Desktop

    Employees may work with their local tech support to access their work desktop from a different computer. Find more information at Note, a VPN connection is required to use Remote Desktop.

Communication and file sharing

Hybrid meetings

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