Wi-Fi Upgrade

Wayne State C&IT is rolling out a new wireless network across campus! You can expect faster connections, better roaming, and a more stable signal in every building and in popular outdoor spaces. Over the next two years, we will invest over $4 million to deploy more than 4000 access points across 100+ buildings. We will initially focus on upgrading buildings with the highest wireless usage, including adding over 1000 access points in the most trafficked areas.

Each year, students, staff and faculty bring more devices to live and learn on campus. Our new wireless network is built to provide the best signal to laptops, phones, tablets, "Internet of Things" devices (including smart locks in new Wayne State Housing facilities), media players and whatever other devices the future holds. Roaming across campus will be seamless, regardless of whether or not a building has been upgraded. Finally, our upgrades will come at little impact to you! Replacing access points will not require any widespread downtime and no setup is required on your device to take advantage of upgraded connectivity.

What do I need to know?

After the upgrade is complete, expect a few changes:

  • Expect a more reliable connection and an easier time staying connected when you travel across campus.
  • You may need to accept a security certificate the first time you connect to WSU-SECURE after the upgrade. This will only happen the first time you visit an upgraded building you visit. Learn more at kb.wayne.edu/384954.
  • If you have guests who connect to WSU-PUBLIC, tell them to expect a new login page.

That's it! No setup is required on your part to take advantage of the upgraded wireless connectivity on campus — just connect like you always have.

How do I get help?

Answers to the most commonly asked Wi-Fi questions can be found at go.wayne.edu/wifi. If you need help connecting to Wi-Fi at Wayne State, contact the C&IT Help Desk at 313-577-4357.

When is the Wi-Fi upgrade coming to my building?

The Wi-Fi upgrade is rolling out across campus in phases, starting with the highest traffic buildings. Here are the next buildings to receive the upgrade:

Recently upgraded buildings

  • Old Main
  • State Hall
  • Ghafari Hall
  • Scott Hall
  • Mazurek Education Commons
  • Matthaei Complex
  • UGL
  • Student Center

Upcoming buildings

  • Manoogian, General Lectures & St. Andrews
  • Engineering
  • Pharmacy
  • Science Hall
  • Education
  • Law School
  • FAB
  • Cohn

If you have any concerns about when the upgrade occurs in your building, please contact the C&IT Help Desk at 313-577-4357.

Over 4,000 access points on WSU campus.Number of daily internet users at WSU. Wifi upgrade has been approved for $4 million.


Last update: July 9, 2018